Eventful day


Going to bed soon and I thought 'why not do a quick post?' I did a lot of things today; hence, it is worth recording. Here's my list.

1. Painted, maybe I'd touch it up tomorrow.
2. Exercised a little
3. Attempted my Bao for the second time and they taste good. :D
4. Watched 3 eps of the walking dead. Had to stop because it was streaming at snail's speed. Not a bad watch.
5. Finished dk how many eps of when love walked in. Chinese shows are the only type of show I can watch and do some other shit at the same time.
6. Changed my nail colour to a layer of sheer glittery pink. I will paint my Xmas nails if I have the patience tomorrow.
7. Attempted olive fried rice (inspired by ijc's veg store). No where near but still okayish.
8. Never use Beijing cabbage for salad. I boiled some carrots, celery and potatoes to go with it, note: and a whole lot of mayo and thousand island dressing, but Beijing cabbage taste horrible when eaten raw. I was trying to finish my stalk of celery but too lazy to stir fry it. I thought it would be better if I diced it and mixed it into my huge bowl of salad. 'great' idea zzz.
Anyw, $1.50 celery can use for 3-4 meals. Not bad.
9. Ok that's all. Not a lot but at least better than spending my time in front of the computer/ watch dramas/sleep.

Running out of things to do. Suggestion? Maybe I should go back to work on Monday. (°_°)