DIY: Braided hair tie

I ALWAYS carry a brolly, my phone and wallet wherever I go. Hmm, there's also this one thing I carry wear forever. 

Hair tie
I always have some hair ties/rubber bands around my wrist 
Btw, I took this to show how huge my bag is every Friday

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I absolutely cannot stand my hair when the Sun is baking me like chocolate chip cookies or when I've to handle messy stuff. I need my hair up. 

But my hair ties always end up like this:

Even if they don't suffer the same fate, you can't deny how plain and boring the black strings are. 

So I decided to braid it! Braiding it adds a tiny twist to this old school piece. Plus, say goodbye to 'haywire' design!

Braided hair tie



- 3 pieces of rubber bands (~25cm each)
(bought in bulk many years ago)

- Scissors
- Ruler
- Binder clip
- Relatively large ring notebook/clasp/clip board
Anything to hold the strands in place while you braid.

You can check Aries/similar for the rubber bands. 25cm is a good length to work with but 1-2cm shorter is fine. 


1. Cut into three 25cm pieces. 

2. Knot with 1 string. I don't like fat knots. 
PS, I was supposed to cut at the loop. 
PS/S, there are three strands there 

3. Slot the binder clip into the ring (clasp or even clip boards). 

4. Secure the knotted end to the clip.

5. Start braiding as per normal. Hold on to the braided part while you braid to get a uniform pattern. (It will twirl around if you don't hold it so there might be tiny bulges here and there. I don't like it that way hence I'm taking extra steps)

6. Stop when you are able to go around your wrist.

7. Use 1 strand to make a knot (as per point 4)

8. Make a dead knot, that is knotting it twice, with the top and the bottom of the piece to form a loop.

9. Trim the extra portion off.


I accidentally cut my knot for the first piece so be careful where you cut. I know right, this mistake is nearly impossible to make.

Do it while you're watching TV. It's that easy.
A simple accessory - Pretty and functional. You can do an arm full of them and I bet your girlfriends will love your presence a little bit more during hot days. ^^

More random projects soon! I have too much free time these days.

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