Current Ariel obession

How's red hair for me? I like it a lot (surprisingly). Coloured it using an iPhone app last night. Ignore my uneven brows. I am trying to flatten it even more these days. 

Tried a brighter red

Hee like primary school colouring. It's really hard to colour. Left picture is my current hair colour. It's a tad brownish if you look hard enough. Yea my hair colour dropped a lot over the months. Then again, it wasn't really obvious in the first place. 

Really contemplating to get my hair dyed. Not the bright red because I'm really lazy to find reddish brow pencil to match my hair. 

PS, I tried purple too but don't really like it. 
I used PE-Fotolr, or something along the line, to colour my hair. Give it a try if you want to see how you look with certain hair colour! Don't regret after dyeing. 

Giant Fish&Chips from Hall 14

Super good btw! *Craving

Cheeseeeee fries

Mugging for our last paper

Not very nice but I'm craving for Jap food!

I should continue painting my DIY projects and start my workout regime. Losing weight but I'm like sagging hahahah wtf. 

Good bye humans!

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