Cause love comes to the people who show it

Dear 20.12.2012,

I've been really lazy nowadays. Thank you rain thank you lazy genes haha. 

Just had a super filling xmas feast nomnom. Festive seasons = failed diet plan haha. I must must drag myself up for a short jog before preparing for 1. potluck 2. the day? 
Lastly, I finally utilised my tripod; snapped a lot of photos with sist! Can't wait to blog about today! 

Failed curls hahahaaa
1 photo from today!

Food feast I was talking about! 

I'm sorry for the food spam if you're reading this at night (and you're trying to diet). 
Now something to reverse your cravings. 

Disgusting looking shit bao 

Yes I attempted bao twice but posted zero snapshots of it. I guess now you know why. :) 

Good night humans! 
Long and exciting day tomorrow! PS, don't rain/bake me alive tq!

PS/S, follow me on instagram (so bored there!) @ jielinnnx33. Yes, my childish url again.

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