2012, 365days

I swear this year is awesome. I grew so much, got over unhappy things really quick and kept the positiveness in me. Can't be more proud.

Summary of my 2012:
(Might have miss out this and that, sorry!)

7th year with dearest 
What more to say?

3rd year with the girls! 

Knew Grohe people and learned a great deal of stuff from them! 
Really thankful because I wouldn't be who I am today without them. The 8 months there was life-changing. I can't express how grateful I am to each and every one of them.

Went for bonding trip with them too!

Best takeaway from my 2 years. Though we don't meet as often, we are still relatively close. So glad to find a class like this.

Fell in love with kdrama, kpop and korean language! 
Explains why I'm taking it next sem.

Speaking of that, saw Siwon irl for the first time! First Korean celebrity oh yeah. Although I wasn't even near, it was a great experience.

Received my A levels results! 
Oh well not super good but not bad either

Cleared my first sem in NTU! 
Still feels surreal lol.

Met peeps in NTU too.

Stayed in hall!

Cut my damn long hair!

Celebrated my birthday! Really happy!

Primary school friends meet-up

First army-related thing I attended

Went KL with the girls!

BKK with family 

Homecooked feast all the time.

Picked up a musical instrument

First times: 

'Joined' cosfest with the girls!

First musical concert in Esplanade..?

Donated blood for the first time too!

First M18 movie in the theater (I know, slow like a pig)

Art-Science Museum for the first time.
Titanic exhibition!

Met Xiaxue! (for company's stuff but that doesn't matter)

Ate cereals and have been loving it since then.

NDP at floating platform!


And many other places/things, too much to list!

Great year. Great companions. Life is so short so don't dwell on unhappy stuff anymore.
May you 2013 be great. Mine too please. X

PS, scrolled back my posts and to my horror, a lot of photos are invalid! :(
Due to privacy settings? Sucks now I've to upload the photos again.