Week 12: The Sun sets every night

Covering my horrendous eyebrows with Hydrus' specs 

Nooooo it's Sunday evening already. :(

I kinda lost the momentum to study last week. That's because yq was not around to force me to work. She's my study nanny. And body clock regulator. I've been sleeping at 3am for a few nights and it is draining the soul out of me. Plus, I'm forever super lazy to move my ass out of the room to pack dinner. Thank god hy was there. At least I had rice during one of the weekdays. (PS, not exactly good because I was so full I can't do anything except hibernate hahaha).

One of the days I dragged myself out to get some hot food. Cooked food. Some carbos. I've been relying on cereals too much. 4 packs at hall, 1 pack at home. All Special K because it is super good! It is on sale now so go grab a pack to try!

Pop' highlighter supporter

The bracelet I talked about in the previous post

Random thoughts again:
1. I dropped my earpiece :(
2. Favourite loots from bkk are flats and sleep shorts. So cute I wanna wear it out hahaha.
3. Had pizza from Bkk for supper last night because parents didn't have time to eat them.
4. Convinced Sis to share her 12cupcakes with me. Omg it's so nice~ I've been craving for it since I tried it for the first time.
5. Have to head down to Starhub in a while. Sigh so lazy
6. Tried the kimchi I made and it's too sour lol.
7. Wanna watch pitch perfect, ah boys to men and don't click. The last one is a horror film yq promised to watch with me hurhur
8. Oh how can I forget this. Had my favourite soggy waffles last night. Chocolate one tasted horrible.
9. Finally done with a couple sets of photos. New blogposts soon!
10. Downloaded phewtick hahaha I'm trying to see whether that thing works or not.

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