The surprise planner was surprised instead

Yeah. That's the whole story. You know the tinge of disappointment you will feel when your plans didn't turn out the way you wanted? I guess there are things beyond one's control. I thought I will be so upset and angry if it fails. I always hate it when plans got cancelled. You got me excited and then you left me hanging. It will really piss me off to no end hahaa.
Surprisingly, I was able to handle it. I mean, I did feel sour and all but it wasn't that bad. Actually, I was kinda expecting it. Nothing I planned really worked out hahaha.

Still a little down because I really put a lot of effort into this whole thing. From the little treats, coordinating to the actual plan. The sweet treats.. they are picture perfect hohho. I spent so long designing, researching, buying the ingredients and making the thing itself. T  ^  T. Maybe I'm super slow or what because I spent like 4 hours molding and writing the letters on it. That aside, I'm quite sure I'm a great designer. They look fantastic. ^^ More about them in the next post.

Ahhh I just feel it was so wasted. One of the rare times everyone was free. And I really thought it will be a successful event. Maybe it will work next time.
Anyway, Happy Birthday Tim.

Wrote every bit of my emotions down. This is how much I feel at 3am in the morning provided I'm still awake.  /end of rant

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