Take your time

TGIF! Came home yesterday because Friday is an all-lecture day. :/  I've been skipping too many lectures. Tons of stuff to catch up! :(

Science experiment
It's a sheep btw

Dinz with cy and yq!

Anyw, went downstairs to pack chicken chop right after we finished it because it was not filling enough.

damn tired from all the mugging/school

1. Had zombie-related dream again. I just kill them like how I did in L4D2 #secrettraining. Flew around the town by flapping my violin case (dafug). I wasn't afraid of the zombies but I remember I was freaking out because I forgot to hand in my lab report (in the dream). Lab reports are more scary wth. 
2. Practiced violin and I'm still so bad. 
3. Shoulders aching :(
4. Spamming songs since yesterday! Sing k sing k~
5. Drizzling nao. So nice to nap

Kinda hooked to this song 

Alright! Come back tonight. 80% chance to see a new post. ^^

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