Nuffnang cashout

Visited the doctor and popa feels slightly better now. Xin teng seeing him limp around. T - T Big thanks to many, seriously. I was so devastated last night I hid in the washroom and cried my eyes out, silently. 

Who knows what will happen to you or the one you love? Cherish please. 


Alright, sentimental issues aside, Popa drove me to SSDC to register for my BTT. Aye shit just got real. I've exactly 2 months before my test. I am really scared controlling a machinery this big (and dangerous). The largest thing I can operate well is... iPhone? DSLR? Okay la maybe bicycle hahaa. I was reluctant to pick up driving now but I felt so crippled last night when I can't drive my popa to the doctor when he was in pain. Moma wasn't home and the only soul capable to drive can't be bothered.

Popa wants me to learn manual in case I switch to become some lorry woman or what. We will see..?

Second thing, nuffnang's cashout arrived!

Using the money for early xmas dinner. Thank you nuffnang!

I spent the couple of hours in the clinic talking to my popa. Told him about school, about life and about holiday plans. Guess it's a blessing in disguise because we finally sat down and talked.

He's cooking zhu jiao chu now and it smells delis!

Okay humans, I should start my revision now. Wasted a couple of days already. My future isn't just mine.