Laugh when you're genuinely happy

I finished my last episode of Queen Inhyun's Man. Ya, really fast. This is a really good watch, plot is fantastic and the flow is marvelous. I cried so much during the last two eps and now I'm a little lost. Not a lot of shows had me hooked from the first ep. My ultimate favourite few are: Secret Garden, You're Beautiful, My Girlfriend is a Gumihoe and lastly, this.

Every time I watch a good drama, I can't help but live in it. It is like you watch someone else's life and you control the fast-forward button. Everything will either work out or explained. Sometimes I really wish I can control the pace of my life. I really want to see what's in store for me, you know?

Since the show's over, I have to let reality sink in. Ya start work start work! I have a test tomorrow and I have not even touch much. 3 more chapters to clear. Not forgetting the lectures I missed.

However, time spent watching was never wasted. A little weird to say this but I need to feel what I need to feel. My mundane life is draining me away; feelings and emotions. I need emotional triggers like this to feel alive. At least more than just breathing.  Your brain will deteriorate if you don't use it regularly and I sincerely believe your heart works the same way too.