Kick start

Mask x Feelings

Watch Victor Frankenstein bring his dog back to life through monstrous experiments! Opens 15 Nov. #FrankenweenieSG

Food x Love 

I guess popa filled-with-love supper delivery fueled me a lot mentally. But I'm regretting now because my tummy is threatening to explode hours after popping 2 popiahs in. So full to sleep.
Hmmm so much suppers nowadays. :/ Nvm diet comes after exams hehe.

I did so many things today; anything and everything except revision-related fml.

1. Researched about braces, invisalign and jaw surgery. Seriously I'm considering to do it asap.  Read about all the procedures and even found someone who wrote her whole experience down. Scary yet tempting. Ahh it all boils down to the cost. It's frigging expensive T  ^  T Money, I need you.

2. Researched on another to-spend instead. At least it is something more feasible. OVEN. Hohoho can't wait to mess the kitchen up after examinations!

3. Planned xmas dinner. ^^

4. Applied for a job lol

5. Bookmarked/saved all the pictures of the stuff I want to DIY. I wanna cook, bake and make interesting things so I can share it here!

6. Ate so much I gained a kg back lol. It's okay I need the energy to think~

7.Shopped in US/UK sites. Black Friday sales is awesome. I'm going to continue tomorrow. I really wanna visit Europe/US/UK!

8. Watched a whole truck of winter makeup looks. All excited for Xmas! My favourite season of the year~ I caught myself singing Christmas carols when I'm revising. Happiest period of the year! Everyone should be immersed in joy and all right now (ya I know panic mode is too overwhelming but still).

If you can figure out.

I look totally cui from all the late nights and early mornings. Finally no selca.

Joking, here's one I managed to save with filters.

Filters I used for photo number...
1. Instagram
2. PES
3&4: MTXX