If it was easy

Hey humans!

I'm currently hiding under my blankets , comfortable and clean. So comfy I'm going to melt. Home is the best.

Had a very impromptu movie date. Caught pitch perfect.

It is pretty good and I'm forever attracted to people who can sing. And pretty girls. Hahah this sounds wrong.

Anyhow, I was rushing and running after the bus because I fell asleep while waiting for a reply. Thank god Ive luck with buses today. Even the bus C uncle (as well as everyone on board, they didn't have a choice) waited for me to snail walk over. It really made my day. I'm sorry to anyone on board though :x

Now, fun time is over mugging mode must be turned on. Just work hard for this 2 weeks girl! No more regrets like last year alright.

Please bear with me and I promise I will blog whenever I've time to spare (and things to write).

On the side note, I'm done with one blogpost just now and it will be up tomorrow. :>

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