Getting close is


Random thoughts of the day:
1. Can't blog about anything interesting because all the photos are at home
2. My appetite shrink so much; 1 heavy breakfast and 1 light dinner will do. Occasional small bites in the afternoon when I am hungry.
3. Watching another kdrama and it is awesome!
4. Got to start mugging, 13 days to finals omg.
5. Meeting my favourite people soon. Miss them a lot.
6. What should I cook this weekend?
7. Today is exercise day. I know I ought to clock in 20-30mins of workout everyday but I don't want to gain anymore muscles T  ^  T.
8. Stay tuned for tomorrow's post!
9. I should have brought along my kimchi! Craving for kimchi noodles. :(
10. What should I eat for dinner?

This is the best 10 random thoughts I can remember.  X
Keep the faith, work hard for it. Everything I want will ultimately come into my life. :D

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