Epicurious x Happy Birthday x Tracks

4/11/2012, Sunday

Booked the boy for a food date one day after his birthday. Passed him the chocolate truffles. I think it looks good hahahaaa! Sm's chocolate pudding failed. She's not made for the kitchen lol! No jelly/pudding came out as what it is supposed to be. ><

Made our way down to The Rail Mall (somewhere near Upper Bukit Timah) for our late brunch. I love brunch :D

Picture credits: here
392 The Rail Mall, Upper Bukit Timah Road
Tel: 6894 5926
Website: Click

Chose this branch instead of the other because 1. it's really near, around 20mins bus ride via 961 from Woodlands bus interchange. 178 goes there as well but I'm not too sure how long it will take.
2. I figured it wouldn't be as crowded as the brunch places in town. Indeed it was really quiet and nice; perfect for a lazy Sunday.

We sat at the other part (they serve thai food) of the cafe.  

Freshly squeezed orange juice ($6)

It came in a mini jar and a glass of ice. Now you can slowly sip your orange goodness.

Nutella bread thing ($8)

I can't remember the name of this dish. 

Half of this and half of that ($16)
Baked egg x Green egg

Such a ingenious idea. This is totally great for people who want to try every single thing on the menu (sounds like me). Reasonable price and great food portion.

I love the baked egg - it is really good! The green egg tasted great too but I just love the baked one more. 

French Toast ($8.50)

I don't really like how the photos turned out. Too lazy to edit using photoshop so here are those taken  and edited using iPhone.

After food, we headed to the last bit of the railway tracks left in SG. It was drizzling but that didn't dampen our moods. Photos time!

The difference between edited photos and raw photos

Deciding what pose to do while Tim snapped 1001 ugly candid shots. Thanks. Uploaded one as a form of appreciation. :>

Yeah this was the pose we came out with after so long. Not a flattering shot but I put it here because we looked so happy. PS mooncake face spotted T  ^  T

With the birthday boy!


Apparently girls like to smile without eyes. 

My favourite shot because I'm finally looking at the camera. It is really annoying when I see myself not looking at the camera. 

Happy birthday!