Comparison is a death knell to harmony

Warm tea X ice cream X truffles on a rainy day 
Dear humans, 

How's your Sunday morning? Have you had brunch yet? Amazing, fluffy pancakes coated with generous amount of maple syrup or the perfect Egg Benedict? I had none of these though :(

I'm still catching up with my lectures (skipped too many haha) but I'm kinda enjoying it. Well, the quality of the recordings is really bad but I can make do with it. At least I touched some work yesterday and this morning. (yea, like 30mins). 


Tried making Kimchi, not the authentic way, with Moma on Friday night...? Not spicy at all despite spamming chilli powder. Moma's going to get me some thai chilli powder when she's in Bkk (which is like next week). I've been craving for spicy food nowadays, weird.


Home = supper everyday. Friday's was cheesy chicken sausages while yesterday was prata :D I'm not giving up both food and slim body hahhaa. That explains why I'm exercising diligently.  ^^

Leftover (?) pictures from previous outing

School, Food, Me
That's my life. Hell boring hahaa.

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