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EDITED, Visit new link as of now and start shopping! 
10:54pm, 7/11/2012

Kinda panicky because I wasted two days on kdramas. I can't focus on my work because I can't stop wondering how the story will turn out. 2 more eps to the end. Pretty fast isn't it? 14 eps in 2 days. If only I study like how I watch kdramas. 


Anyway, check out Galaxy Moon Market, a new webstore my friend is launching tonight, 10pm. 

The stuff they are selling are very inexpensive and chic! On top of that, they are giving all of you a 10% off now! Don't miss this great opportunity!

Remember 10pm tonight! 

Ending with something I really like! 
So cute right hahaha! 
The hills have eyes, well, my ears too. ^ w ^ 
PS, The hills have eyes is a horror movie. 

PS/S, not sure whether they will include this in their debut launch (I ripped it off their fb album, click here to be directed.) If you like it, remember to check their page regularly!
They sell this! Hahahaa get your ears have eyes nao!

Quote jielinnnx33 to get 10% off 

I feel bad writing such a shabby post for her. Will do one good one during the weekends!