Cause and effect

"There are so many words I must learn. So many words changed over time,but it seems this some things never changed..." 
"I love you." 

This is crazy but I found someone who shares the same sentiments. Click here to read!

As I wait for you with nothing to do
My welled up tears are dyed with the sunset
You, who is waiting for me at the other side of time
Are rushing my heart again

Under the same sky, in a different time
Our sad love has tangled
I place my earnest heart in the moonlight
So I can shine brightly wherever you are

A person like you, I’m so thankful to you
My love can’t be entirely expressed with just words
Though the rough times bruises and hurts me
You protected me in your embrace

Under the same sky, in a different time
Our sad love has tangled
I place my earnest heart in the moonlight
So I can touch you wherever you are
My love

Under the same sky, in a different time
This sad love can never be
I will become the moonlight in the dusk sky and shine on you
So you can find your way back to me

Can cry every time I listen to this song. You should see for yourself how sad she was in the show. 
I'm sorry, I just can't help it. Withdrawal syndromes

And PS, they're dating. How cute ^W^

The above was drafted yesterday and scheduled for posting this morning. Yes, it's about my obsession. 

But I can't help it. I remember every scene so vividly and I can't stop thinking about some of the things they mentioned. So thought-provoking. Yea that explained why I was awake at 3am last night thinking and thinking. The whole cause and effect thing is really happening. Let me give you an example.

This morning my phone attempted suicide and it fell in between the tiniest possible slit - my bed and the wall. It went all the way down and I had a whale of time (not) shifting the mattress off the bed frame before moving the bed frame itself. You know what I've been sleeping on? 

YueQi's bracelet. 

Under my mattress.
And it's in the middle of my bed.

She looked all over the place but who expected it to be squashed by her heavy roomie? :>

Cause: Phone dropped down the bed
Effect: Remove mattress and found YueQi's bracelet.

It is a weird but pleasant surprise. Came out with ten thousand and one scientific explanations (including mental reenactment) for the position of the bracelet and what's not. I need to convince myself if not I'll be dwelling on this for the whole day. Aye how science can a science student gets? 

I can't be 100% sure it really happened the way I think but at least I can conclude,
"Everything happens for a reason"


Cause: I wrote this post because I find it hard to believe

Effect:... who knows. So to whoever reading, remember, you don't know what effect this post has on you yet.    
Maybe no effect at all hahaa. Good morning sunshine.