2 down, 4 more to go

Dear tired-jl,

You're done with paper as of now and the third and fourth one will be off the list 24 hours from now. Be strong and stay focus! Hope it is all good for you guys as well (unless you're not having any finals)

First paper and all I remember was shivering, stupidity and worrying about my fob. I didn't lose it don't worry. Second paper was all about more shivering, trying to keep awake and forgetting my pencil case (YA WTF RIGHT but thank god it was prior to the start of the paper).

Yq stuck this on my desk; the spot I ALWAYS doze off on 

How an egg should be eaten? Halved and sprinkled with tons of condiments

Pic turned out nice (Egg was good too). 
How to break an egg?
Let it roll off the table yeah. Broke nicely hehee. You need some skills for that you know! I should write this new found (useless) talent in my diary or something. 

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Nippon Cheese Cake

Got a little something for the roomie~ 

Ya that's all.