With a slice of cake

So glad I took a break from studying to meet dearests. So moody before that (rain, heavy bags and crazy Maths) but I was oozing happiness when I came back. Spent some time talking to my dad and mom too. Lots of things to do this December. I can't wait, really. :)

Saturday, 20/10/2012:
Dinner at PizzaHut with dearests. Went to Thomson for salted caramel but I don't know how we ended up in Old School Delights. Didn't know that place is so happening at night! Plus, there are a few cafes I really want to try *December to-do*

Cake, Old School Delights

Macaroni in chicken soup, Old School Delights

Density x gradient x bubbles 
Emerald, PizzaHut

Library on Sunday. Too engrossed in work I didn't even notice how noise the cafe was. Had mushy spag after so long and it is still so good. I can easily replicate this dish hohoho I've done it mentally. *December to-do*. I hope it doesn't fail like my attempt to reach for the highest shelf in NTUC. -____-

Btw, my Dec to-do is a hell long list. Gonna do/try everything and end 2012 beautifully. 

Lettuce x Thousand Island Dressing x Sugar Peanuts

New healthy addiction! Thousand Island taste superb with lettuce. I guess it is a healthy substitute for mayonnaise? 

To balance this post, here's a shot with in-demand boy! Take care when you're in Taiwan and bring some Tai Yang Bin back okay!

Tried to salvage this photo with filters. It looks pretty decent 1m away, try it. ^^

Camera: Iphone
Filters: MTXX, Vintage, PES in general