Who's this kid?

Edited this dullshit post because I found too many grammar errors. Excuse: I was really tired when I am writing this post.

I really was.

Playing around with my new hairstyle. It doesn't look good most of time lol. This look makes me feel like I'm back in primary school. Well, this is how I looked like when my moma allowed me to leave the mushroom head clan. Hahaaa.

I have this intense urge to visit Taiwan! I really wanna go there and eat all the street food! I am drooling while reading QQ's blog on tw. Hur soon soon. *May/June, cross fingers*

Now, school stuff. Had one of the most interesting FS lectures yesterday. Guest lecturer shared so many different cases (and bodies) with us. I really admire how professional he is. Hmm.

Skipped Astro to watch the lecture for the week before. I must clear everything before week 10 gogogo! Anyway, Friday is less than 12hours away. And week 8 just zoomed by. The next thing I know I'll slacking at home spamming dramas (I hope there are nice ones to watch), eating chips and just laze my day away. :D


Our clothes were stuck in the washing machine just now. Then it decided to open when the technicians came. What...?
They are really nice to let us dry our clothes for free. Tried the dryer for the first time and it's pretty amazing whooo. I live in a cave yup so pardon my lack of exposure to technologies... and stuff in general.

Anyhow, we ordered beancurd tarts! They taste pretty decent. I ordered it via supperclub NTU. They got it from Le Confectionery I think! you can drop by (after 1230pm if I remember correctly) to buy.

 Galaxy effect; Iphone

Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul, instead of expecting someone else to leave you wilted flowers.

PS, kinda lazy to keep posting on fb/twitter whenever I update. So drop by more often okay =3