So many walls I can't break through

Hi everybodeh, 

I will really like the picture above IF I did not blur my right side of my face accidentally while playing around with a random app. T  ^  T

How's your week? Week 11 aka 11 weeks in University. How can that even be possible? 

2 tests down wohooo 2 more to go. Long weekend but I touched 0 work. Spent most of Friday and Saturday on bed (LOL) and Sunday running around. Sucha angsty weekend sigh. I feel so much better already. Gah I hate mood swings. 

I've been sleeping late and it totally screws up my body clock. I think it started on... Tuesday? Htht with yq till freaking 3am or something. We can probably write a book about each other now. But don't buy hers if you see it because she doesn't remember anything before... primary school #sadmemoryofadoryfish It will be a super thin book... lol

Camwhore is da best when your brain is saturated with Astronomy's information

Detox of the week:

Favourite replacement meals nowadays

Omu rice ^w^

Craving for some ketchup fried rice. Maybe next weekend. Who wants nom nom?

Another snack. 
Please cover it with spoonfuls of mayo~

My parents' 3 daughters top the list yo

Ending with my duck pout =___=