One after another

Just a big ass photo of myself. Sw loves to take da tou tie (like above) cause she thinks it is nicer. So this is my version, how is it hahaha.

Lots of tests coming up (did I mention this already) and I'm more than stress. I've been watching psychotic shows with yq lately. The crazier, the better. Yes, Maths theorems messed up the wires inside me. :/

Here are some random facts/happenings this few days:

1. Tons of hairfall; thanks Maths.
2. Room turned into a temporary laundry corner
3. Ate the double cheese burger probably garnished with salt because it was hell salty. I foresee my hair migrating to the floor, bed, drain or random corners soon.
4. Eating like a pig, fats, but let's heck it for the time being.
5. So tired nowadays I practically sleep in lectures or drift off really easily. And napping on the table is pretty normal for the 4 tired chemists-to-be hoho.
6. Weekends = intensive mugging
7. *Hugs* I need to run and clear my mind.