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Hi. A random blur shot. Die die also must put my face in every post hahaaa. 

I wanted to post in sequence but stupid me left the SD card at home. I can't leave you hanging for too long right? 

6/10/2012, Saturday

Skipped violin for ex-company's event. It was really fun and I finally met the people I miss a lot. I spent nearly 8 months there and took away life lessons and valuable experiences when I left. The people there are so nice and I really enjoyed myself. It is like a greenhouse - a comfortable and sheltered place but there's plenty of room for me to grow. I cannot deny how much I have changed especially the way I handle things. I'm glad I was there because the environment and the people made me who I am today. Not a super successful person but soon to be. Soon :)

I should stop now before this post turns into 800 words thankful essay. 

Colourful candy floss for you?

Some funny photos taken with them that day:

All so cute! I love!

Updated my photo corner.

I put up all the printed photos I can find around. Might consider printing some out because photo corner is not complete without them hohoo.

At any rate, it is Tuesday today. Time to start the engine running boomz~