Food makes me happy!

This is seriously embarrassing. I didn't realise I published a draft. If you've read it. Read again. I typed that rubbish chunk last night when I'm rushing for so many things. Validity: over

Anyway, We celebrated Mooncake Festival with lots of random food and 2 movies - Battleship and Painted Skin 2. Both were good so catch it if you have not!

Dinner at 1am or so on Sat

Fell asleep in hall that day so I only managed to crawl back home slightly before midnight lol. Watched weird American shows because there were nothing better. Brainless gore with no plot is not appreciated by the way. 

Can 14 Western 

I thought it was pretty decent. Love the fat fries! Egg was cooked by me. Ok not really. It was the stove. 

2 packs of bee hoon makes a hearty breakfast

I eat a lot in the morning especially when it comes to beehoon. It is probably one of the best dishes in the world hoho.

Today's too humid and I can't function. Time to nap haha!

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