Diet is out when we ate like a cow

4/10/2012, Thursday:

We had a girls' night out a couple of weeks ago. Yq and I was craving for sushi like 2 pregnant ladies I swear haha! Good things such as calories, or fats, must share! Dragged the two other girls along for Sakae buffet. 

Before that, #ootd: 

Fluffy chiffon top (to cover potential tummy) moma bought | Pinned my hair back because fringe was way too irritating

We went there because there was a deal (not sure whether it is still running or not tho')

Sakae Sushi 

Sadly, no more egg mayo! whaiiiii it's like the best sushi on Earth T  ^  T

Some of the stuff we had

Standards dropped but will do for the price. Pay around.. $15 odd per pax. 

Look at that gay cow hahahaa the last picture is damn funny~
PS, the black patch of thing is me. Cute. 

We dropped by OC after dinner. Went up to the sky garden as we had some time to spare. First time there hohoho #localtourist

It is super dark and I'm not too good with G12 (yet). Sigh deal with the grainy/blurry pictures for now alright?

Background is like some sort of backdrop 

I blinked on purpose ;)

Forever not looking at the lens 

Mimicking sw's da tou tie again 
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That's all folks! 

A clearer shot of my hair. Love it with curls :D
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