Baked with love @ Maison Kayser

13/10/2012, Saturday

I've backlogs to clear but those pictures are not ready yet. This set is the easiest out of everything! Tests streaming in and it's kinda pushing down the work side on my work-play balance. Well, it's not too bad, really. I am enjoying every bit of it. It will be perfect if I understand every single thing taught! Keeping the faith and working hard~

Last Saturday, we traveled to Scape to 'support' lt in her flea. Actually, visit will be a more appropriate word since we did not buy anything from her :/ I wasn't in the shopping mood then.

Before that, I had late lunch with sm at pontian. Not exactly hungry but the wan tan noodles' damn tempting. 

Met Tim (IJC reunited lol), shopped a bit at FEP, Maison Kayser to kill time + try some expensive bread. 

Maison Kayser, Scotts Square
6 Scotts Road
Tel: 66363672

It is a quiet place and I consider Maison Kayser a good place to hang out with friends and chat over a few perfectly baked goods. Note 10% service charge applies if you choose to dine in. You might want to give the cold drinks a miss as they are really tiny and they don't taste fantastic.

White Chocolate ($4)

Croissant x Chocolate Croissant ($2-$3+)
I like the chocolate croissant :3

Lastly, Tim baked red velvet cupcakes. Cream cheese is niceeeee.