Who do you share your happiness with?

Hey! Here after dinner on a boring Monday! Saturday was D&D for hall14 and all the girls and guys are damn hot. Endless legs wth. Had a good laugh there. All the performances are really good~

Meetoo buddy

Borrowed this super cute bunny backpack from my sister's friend! Love it! Cuddled throughout the night ^3^

2 other random photos I ripped off facebook. 

Able to train home all thanks to F1. Plus I found someone who lives in the exact same block. #whatsorceryisthis

Sunday = tuition + eat non-stop day. Moma bought mini butter cookies and my favourite kid-o for me to snack in hall! I can't wait to go home tho'. 1L of HL milk sitting comfortably in the fridge and soon in my tummy :D:D

I hope I can at least finish 1 chapter before snoozing tonight. I don't wanna rush like a mad woman later on. Oh ya guys I have 2 good news to share! Not really a confirm thing yet but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Dear good things I'm waiting for you ok!

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