From dusk to dawn

Dear all,

 Yes I'm sick of my face too. Explains my funny face in the photo. Inspiration: Alien emoji on Iphone. I need to start using my camera more often. 2 Mid-terms over! Recess week oh hi! I've been waiting for quite a while now. Time for a tiny break and hopefully some family time, friends time plus catch up with my school work. I've been skipping way too many lectures nowadays hahaha :/ However, I really don't mind having Jap buffet, singing K and do some jogging. Maybe some other recreational activities/me-time. That's a lot of stuff squeezed in a week. On a brighter note, I've 7x24x60x60seconds to do it heheee.

 Gonna have yummy dinner my dad made (tho' I'm super full from idk what), shower and prepare for the night! Tonight will be a good good night~

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