Bug-catching expert

Da jia hao. A quick post before I immerse myself in Physics. Midterms tomorrow! All the best to the rest as well. I'm currently loving the specs-look. Borrowed it from Tim for the D&D and I forgot to bring it out that day *well done jl!*. 

I went to pay my school fees after FS today! And wts I slept like a pig during FS break. Guess the non-stop blabbering about DNA was too much for me to take hahaaa! Packed mac back as early dinner. It has really been a while since I last ate Mac. Plus, I finished everything on my own. Satisfied jl hoho. Watched a couple more eps of rooftop prince and that show is seriously making me want more. Why do I have test this week?!?! :( This is so sickening~

Oh good news no. 1: I received my bursary (notification) ^^ Gonna save that sum up for my family trip next year. I will start planning during my Dec holidays. I haven't even plan the recess week holiday.... which is like next week haha. 1-D trips wouldn't be that hard right?

Before I end this post, I'd like to explain my title! Rained today and there are a lot of bugs flying around. 2 entered our room wtf. As science students, we have to do it the science way. Set up the 'formation' below in attempt to catch those bugs. Mirror reflects light from light source into pail of water. Blur bug fly into pail of water thinking there the light is there. Drown. 

It was not really working so brave yq caught it manually. Haahaha love it when I live with elder child in the family. *run away from bugs and everything else* This is how you choose a roomie. :D