Hello apple pies, 

Went for 2 class gatherings. Eating place is a good place to gather. 2 weeks ago was at BBQ Chicken, NorthPoint.

The exact same day I got my lappie (which I'm using this very moment)

Last weekend we gathered at Jack's Place, Civics Center, for farewell dinner with Mrs Yap. 

I love the marble cheesecake because it is so yums! 

Can't wait for Mrs Yap to come back from Cambridge (how cool is that!) and host us at her place.

PS, I think my legs are damn skinny in this picture hehehe. And ahem long ahem ahem.
Was in authentic high-waist shorts that day. I know I've really short body, I mean it's really quite funny. Like 30-70 hahah wtf.

Went back to drop my stuff, headed out for a short run (like literally run because I completed 1.2km in roughly 7minutes. Very fast for slow jl already!).

Met the usuals and caught:

Resident Evil: Retribution

I've been waiting for this for nearly a year now. Wooooo love it! CG is good and story plot is much better than the previous one! I hope they are making one more! Go go go! 

It has been hours since I came back from school and yummy Vietnamese food. We spent our night training our abs hahahaha, doing yoga/aerobics-alike exercises and learning how to dance. Urge to club..? Let's go! 

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