Warming my hostel room up

I have nice nose leh!

Ohhh yesterday was a good day hahah! Packed my stuff and cy picked me up at bukit batok. Headed to Ikea for some shopping. Didn't get a lot of stuff. Satisfied my meatballs/chicken wings craving though. Life is fantastic.

Went back to hall to clean up and pack before heading out for dinner with cy and sm. Tried share tea for the first time. Not too bad but sadly they do not have hazelnut/caramel. Met Tim there as well and cy drove us back to hall. Man I really like to have my own car/have a friend who drives hahahaa!

Kai came soon after and we just spent the rest of the night 1. eating 2. sleeping 3. htht 4. stalking pple 5. lazing 

Epic moments happened when we slept. Well, I don't even know they happened because I'm sleeping so well wtf. Poor sm. She was almost awake the whole night and ended up sleeping on the floor wtf. It was really funny la omg I love these guys.

Ordered Macs breakie, ate and chilled like 4 lazy bums. They were nice enough to help me clean the room before leaving! ^^

Nice cy drove us back to Woodlands after that. So pampered!

I really like the whole stayover thing, can we do it again soon?

Spent the rest of my day sleeping on the couch, watching NDP and reading up on the uni courses. I hate the whole uni shit. It is so complicated!

And I thought I can go shopping with dearests tomorrow :( Thanks orientation. I can't remember whether it starts at 9.30am/12.30pm. GG.com
Waiting for sw to feed me information. Meh thank god I always have people around taking care of me. I'm like a big kid. :(

PS, I'm so tan right now no foundation can fit me wtf. T  ^  T So depressing. Can't wait for the tan to fade seriously. >:(

Stay happy. You are one of the few I will hold on dearly. I will do my best to make you feel better if necessary. There are so many people in this world but there will be this handful I want to protect, just like how you guys protect me. I might not be the best pair of listening ears but I'll be there for you, definitely. Love. 

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