Time to breathe

Hello! I'm here! Frankly speaking, I was really busy + lost the feel to blog for quite a while. University is overwhelming for a JC kiddo who hasn't been doing anything productive for the past 8 months. Life is too fast for a slow-moving monster like me. Sigh. 

There's so much things I need to read up on, plan my whole timetable myself, pack my room and stuff like that. All I want to do is cover myself in comfy clothes with a cup of hot tea reading a book. And end my day with a good night sleep. 

I will do it soon, I will :D

Some random stuff I want to share. Just bear with me okay.

Room in NTU Hall 14

Clean and nice. I love!

Added some stuff + changed our bed's orientation. Now my area is in a mess. Will take a photo soon hahah! Stole this pic from yq's blog!

Poor pinky

Pinky got squashed during dragon boat. Hurt like a bitch then but it is fine now. Internal bleed wtf. 

Sw's crazy idea again. She got us this 'water bottle' (We paid for our own btw) which isn't actually a bottle haahha! Gigantic piece of bottle lol. I got the nude bear, cute right! I think the dark chocolate bear looks like me right now. So tan and socially awkward wth. -____-

Hall supplies

Got tons of food in my room. I can stay in room for days now. Oh I just need a niao tong hehehe.