Growing up

Hello my sweethearts, 

I was browsing through my photos and I realised I changed quite a bit. Other than snapping off my insanely long hair, I grew rounder wtf. Nah that will go away very soon! ^^ 
I cut down on my make up and sort of look my age. Plus I started smiling in my photos wtf. Don't know to be happy or sad. Oh well!


start of 2012 

Mid 2012

Fattest period of my life T  ^  T

I got so lazy after camp. Haven't been exercising! :( I was too busy as well and this is definitely not an excuse! 2 more kgs~

Want to talk about yesterday. I.WENT.TO.CLUB.FOR.THE.FIRST.TIME.IN.MY.LIFE
Hahahah traumatising experience for Tim and friends? Idk lol. Sometimes I also don't wanna rely on other people too much. Sigh. Woke up after like 3 hours of sleep and student just had to fool around. 

Took a short nap, at least I feel less tired right now. Gonna hit the sack early tonight after dinner. I was so tired I skipped food today. Food omg! That's like my favourite thing on Earth lol.

On a sidenote, I sorted out my timetable. I hope I get all the slots I want! And 4-days study week sounds good right! A little tiring but I will survive! Hahaha! Gonna read up on electives and see how things go. Jia you! 


  1. clubbing! i miss clubbing. xD

    oei, harlow, miss. u where got fat. ur waist probably the circumference of my thighs, okay?!

    -Mabel <3
    miss u guys all of a sudden.

    1. Heyy Mabel!

      How are you omg! It has been a while!
      We can go club tgt next time ahahha I very normal, don't worry! :D