Foxtrot 87/12 Social night

I was invited by Kai to attend this event as his date. Yea I saved him you see. :3 cannot let him end up with his sister. THAT will be totally.. Weird?

Wasn't in the best form that day. Fat and pretty bad make up. Though I really like it initially. Like dewy and glowy but at the end of the day I just looked shag. Blah.

Kai was nice enough to fetch me. I could have went in alone like a loner.

OCS is pretty nice. We had our dinner beside the lake. It would be better with air-conditioner.

Food was decent. There was even a BBQ corner~

Ate like a pig that day

There were activities scheduled for the night. Some videos are really entertaining.

Headed to the building beside our dining place for drinks, music and more socializing. To me, this event is about socializing and more socializing.

I'm not a very sociable person sadly. However, I managed to know a couple of really nice girls and his.. School mates.

Let the pictures do the talking and please ignore my fat face and arms or any other meaty body parts.

My humsum boy ^^

Fang qi!

Chilled outside by the waters for a while. Pretty place.

Xin Ru & Brenda - Two very nice girls!

Xin Ting was there with her bf as well :D

Thanks Kai for bringing me, paying for the food and transportation (^w^)/

Cabbed back and managed to meet the peeps at Mac AGAIN wtf. Cut the june/july cake and blabbered non-stop.
Pretty cake!

June/July babies!

Forever sacrificed when it comes to taking group self-shots 

A weird-looking sm

And me

Finally parted at like.. 2am or what? Wow, didn't know why we stayed so late that night but I love~

Nice pictures only happen at the start of a day.