Empire State

Hellooooooo! I'm back from Hall camp! Not too bad actually but energy was so low I can't even... open my mouth and speak wtf. Anyway, I got to know a couple of really nice people! My group is so chillax hahah I like.

Current to-dos: Unpack camp bag, pack hostel stuff, exercise, sleep more, browse cyberspace, blog, fade the tan and heal my poor little bruised pinky.

A short update for you before I sleep (again)


Pre-camp that day. Met my fellow hall mates. Group is Hydrus! Cabbed back to NTU with 2 og mates. Sigh went to hand in my form. #mafan

Packed for camp before heading out for dinner with Andy! First time @ Empire State. I'm going to explore sg very soon and step out of my suaku tortoise zone. ^^

Empire State
Causeway Point
1 Woodlands Square, Level 2
10:30am - 10:30pm daily
Website: click here

Nicely decorated interior and staff are meticulous. Well, I can say this for most of them.

Half back ribs 

The back ribs are pretty good. Very tender and the portion is really big. You just have to get half back ribs for 1 person. It is more than enough.

Mushroom Aglio Olio 

A bit tasteless sadly. I can do a better job? haha! Anyway the only good thing is the portion is huge. At least I'm filled after the meal.

The drink I ordered was good as well but I can't remember its name/price! :( What's wrong with my memory. 

Prices range from $10+ to $20+ for a dish. Most of them are about $15 over. Affordable for the size. I can't believe I only tried it now when Empire State is so near my place. 

Can't wait for the next meal there! Will give a more detailed write-up then hehe!

A sank cherry

And PS, I love the last picture. 
That's all folks time to sleep!