DIY: Flower pens

It has been quite some time since my last DIY post! Too lazy to move my hands/get the materials.

Today, I will be sharing about the flower pens I made a few days ago. I wanted flowers in my hostel room so I amalgamated it with the pens I will be placing in my room.
This craft is simple and cheap.

Let's start.

1. A pair of scissors
2. Opaque tape
3. Green tape
4. Flowers
5. Pens

I chose opaque tape as they are not as sticky and doesn't have a glossy finish like scotch tape.

I got the flowers from Daiso, 6 of them @ $2. You can choose whatever flowers you like. I like daisies hohoo. I think it is daisy right? Pink one, I like!

For the green tape I believe you can get them from the craft stores. Check daiso/popular as well?

You have to attach the stalk to the cap for pens on the left and to the back for pens on the right.


1. Cut the flowers off the attached stem.

2. Shorten the stalk

3. Secure the stalk to the pen with a tiny opaque tape. You can use less green tape this way.

4. Cover the opaque tape with green tape. Optional: cover the whole body of the pen with green tape to blend everything in.

And you're done.

Easy right! Now this art piece is sitting on my table in the hostel room. :D

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