Ohhhhh hiiiiiiiii.

Stupid thing happened in the morning. Tuition. Had lunch. Handled a chicken, no half of it. Cooked dinner. Had dinner. Finished zui hou jue ding ai shang ni omg I really like a particular scene very much. 10 mins workout. Downloaded new shows. Secret Garden is airing on TV soon. That's like my most favourite Korean drama T___T very sad yet funny.

Upcoming plans. Now this finally feels like a holiday. A very late one though.

1. My last day on 9July!
2. Health checkup @ NTU on 9July as well
3. Off to KL on 10July
4. Back on 13July, hopefully some plans with favourite people ^^
5. Wedding dinner in Malaysia on 14July
6. Tuition in the morning of 15July. Evening will be all for Iris's baby 1-year-old birthday party. Theme: Hello kitty.
7. Diet/Exercising week, 15July to 20July
8. Social night with Kai on 20July
9. Union camp from 23 to 27July! (Have not received any notification on this but it will happen right? :D)
10. 6Aug, start school.

Looking forward. This month is full of activities. Even thinking about them make me feel tired.

I guess I did not make a mistake back then. Nothing is built to last, at least not what you had said. 
I'm not someone people want to work hard for. They just give up when things get tough. But people let go when everything is easy. Wtf I don't know what to do anymore.