Kuala Lumpur Day 1

10July2012, sunny bright day

Dear all, day 1 of my 3D2N trip to KL is finally here * applause*

Went with sw, ape and xm! such a weird and dangerous combi hoho but we are back alive and kicking.

Met sw at 6.30am that day. Took bus 858. Epic xm missed the bus we were on. Thank god the interval is about 15mins/bus. Checked in via AirAsia counter and it was pretty smooth. We did not buy any luggage space anyway - everything was hand carried. One irritating thing was they separated us. The flight was really packed. Poor xm ended up alone for the 1 hour ride.

Rushed in to the departure hall in case we missed the flight. Well, that would be horrible.

Took off at 910am sharp. I woke up very soon after taking off. 1 hour flight ride is really short and sleep is impossible.

Arrived at LCCT. Clearing customs was a breeze though the queue appeared to be long. Got a normal sim card for my LG viewty (see no point in getting 3G over there) from Digi. RM $18.50 for a RM $15 value in it and I heard it can be used for about 4 months, am I right? Calling (internationally or domestically) is so much cheaper with their local prepaid card. Btw you can get the prepaid sim card even before you clear the customs. I believe it will get a little crowded during peak hours.

We chose to take the KLIA transit from LCCT to KL Sentral. You can get the tickets once you cleared the customs. Return trip is priced at RM $22. One way will be RM$12.50. I know buses etc are cheaper but I don't want to risk any traffic jams.

You have to take a pink bus from LCCT to one of the stations (only one destination anyway). The bus usually stops outside coffee bean.

The bus is spacious and clean. On the way there, a short power nap as usual!

There are food stalls at the train station - if you are hungry - and washrooms. Clean, I am happy. 

While waiting for the train:

HDR mode isn't flattering for humans. 

There are lifts around so you don't have to carry your heavy luggage up and down the stairs.

Train arrival timings are clearly stated outside the station. Hence, you can only go in when it is about 5 mins prior to the train's arrival. Interval is about 25 mins per train, not too long. 

Inside the train

Very clean, spacious and comfortable seats. First train ride or at the very least something different from the usual MRT style.

The whole KL transit aka from LCCT to KL Sentral is less than an hour. 

Upon reaching KL Sentral, we walked to the monorail with the help of some bus uncles. People there are nice. It's a pretty long walk, I think about 10mins. We didn't want to take a cab (roughly 10RM), please don't make me explain. 

Monorail from KL Sentral to Imbi station costs RM $1.60. It was fast and the train wasn't very packed. However, the monorail was slanted between one of the stations. At that moment I was like "Am I on a monorail or roller coaster?"

Imbi station stops right outside at Berjaya Times Square. Yes, the mall is very near to our hotel. ^^
Don't bother asking for directions if your hotel is small like ours. Look at the map and walk. 
It wasn't hard to locate, thank god.

Cube Boutique Hotel

Clean and modern. Good first impression I must say.

The hotel is very nicely decorated and staff are really helpful. It'd be good to ask for a map/recommendations/directions from the counter staff. Oh get a hotel card for your reference too. 

The room:

A small table with hair dryer

Our room is small. Like really small. There is barely space for us to move but we ren. Hello $10 sgd per night per person for a clean, well-lit, good service and location room? Nothing to complain. I was so scared they'd charge us extra because we were squeezing in a supposedly 2 person room. 

Ok can live

Actually we came too early; therefore there were no room for us. We dropped our luggage near the reception (you will be given a receipt to claim later) and went to Berjaya Times Square for lunch. Everyone was hungry to the extent of fainting. Walked around and settled for:

Kim Gary

How exciting -____- Yeah we have this in Singapore as well.

Kim Gary is nicely decorated in royal purple.


Soup (included in the set lunch)

The fish in omelette is damn good but the spag sucks. 

Bill is 70RM or so. Really affordable but I prefer Kim Gary Singapore to Malaysia. 'nuff said.

Meal is not completed without dessert!
Meet fresh for dessert! I love impromptu decisions especially when they turned out really good~

Meet fresh

Forgot the name (RM $6.90)

Adding milk

This is absolutely delicious! The cubish things are chewy and not too sweet. Nom nom.

Spent the rest of the day shopping at Sg Wang. Very near our hotel as well! :D
Shopping wasn't fantastic but if you look hard enough, you'd find some really good buys! 

One of the levels is decorated in hk style. Man it makes me feel like going to hk for the real!

We had the best snack ever! Do you know what?

Shimino Japanese Crepe!

Really affordable and we got it in small to share

Banana chocolate crepe with ice-cream (RM$4.90)

This is super good! *inserts loads of love* The crepe is soft and the whipped cream is awesome ^^Y
Sadly I was running a fever then (sucks to be me) so I did not had a lot. I'd go for one (big one) if I'm healthy and all!

Lastly, settled our dinner at Toilet Bowl Cafe in Sungei Wang since we were already there. 

We chose to sit on the squatting seats instead of toilet bowls.

Model's toes looking really distorted lolololol

Love this lots!

Japanese omelette fried noodles

Food was okish and prices are around RM10+ per dish? The omelette noodles is the best out of everything we have ordered. Cafe is quite quiet even during dinner time. 

Sidenote, themed cafes are interesting to visit but they have to improve on their food standards in order to survive. Look at old, not as well furnished cafes. They get truckloads of customers with good food. So it really boils down to food standards to build a loyal crowd. 
Ahhhh is there a good themed cafe with good food around? 

We walked back to the hotel (got some ling ling long longs from Giant) after dinner. Almost everyone is sick. We needed an early night. 

Got tons of preserved stuff from one of the stores

That's about it for day 1.

PS, I love Watsons in Malaysia. Discounts there are really good! For eg, I got a hada labo pack (toner + wash) for RM$52 or so! I even received a free mask wtf. I should have bought one trolley of products. Booo next time restocking shall be from Watsons JB. 

Day 2 will be up soon! Stay tuned folks!

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