The stage is ours to shine


Days are passing so fast. Too fast. Luckily I've one more week to just slack at home. ^^
Not selected for UOC so I should be signing up for hall camp. I'm happy with just one camp actually. Ugh cannot imagine how tired I'd be if I go for 2. 
And all the Uni expenses sucks. I must think of some ways to be self-sufficient. Life will work out somehow. 

Today after tuition, I napped all the way, like 5 hours..? Woah I'm really that sleepy sometimes hehee.

Anyway, have you read the post on NDP preview? If you have not, scroll down! 
I'm currently working on KL day 1 (not a lot of pictures though) and the social night I attended with Kai. 

Man I really miss dearests! Cannot wake up in time to meet them today! :( Booo Kai is leaving for Brunei jungles later! Take care kid see you in a week's time. 

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