Temperature rising

Wah really warm now. Enzymes in my brain not functioning. (・_・;
Not in any particular order but here are today'A events:

1. Walked to station today. :( mama needed to leave earlier so she couldn't send me.
2. Didnt visit wen to help her with her cosplay makeup. Too tired.
3. I am like sweating in an air-conditioned room.
4. I can't find my access card! Omg die monday I need to return everything.
5. 15mins of workout just now. *feels slimmer*
6. Cosfest thing tomorrow. Will be dropping by to support sm and wen! Downtown east near wild wild wet! Go support them too lol. I swear they put so much effort for this thing. No sailor moon for me. No high school jap girl or what shit too. Julie suggested I go in something I want to wear but don't have the chance to do so. Hehee,kinda gave me an idea.
*dress up as potato wtf*
7. Stood in front of a row of glass panel thinking it was the door to Vivo. Yea the wtf moment when we realised it wasn't. Thank god no one saw lol.
8. Super packed public transport :( I almost had to stick to the pole!
9. Dont quarrel for no reason, it makes me pissed off as well.
10. Had cake and eggtart! Thankz Sharon & Jeff.
11. Leaving this workplace very soon. Happy-sad. Life is difficult.
12. Have to decide on my hostel thing!
13. Mommy got me a ping an fu for my trip and aunt gave me some shopping money *blessed*
14. I partially rebonded my hair. Wanted a softer look but it came out a bit too harsh. Pics tomorrow.
15. I haven't blog about the previous cosfest I went together with the girls as well. I wasn't cosplaying anyone, just borrowed a dress from Yq.
16. It kinda reminded me - return brolly to Yq and some other stuff to respective pple.

and I was just joking about dressing up as potato.

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