It's really late now and everyone is sleeping. I'm up, awake and as usual, thinking and planning. You will be surprised how much I think at night. I got to start using my brain as well as the thing called memory. I don't seem to remember anything at all these days.

Dropped by yq's place to pass sw some make up as well as a mini catching-up session. I really need to talk to many of my friends. I have to stop drowning myself in me-only stuff yea, I will try. Maomao (yq's dog) was probably having the time of his month wtf/my leg is darn attractive. Measured my weight (though it might not be accurate) and waist etc. 27" waist, good job jl. The 6 working months added 3" around, a belly and fatty limbs. I will lose them, EXERCISE TIME! Tomorrow. Yes tomorrow. *put on determination headband*

Stayed all the way till 11-ish and only managed to reach home at 12. The rain was sudden and scary. It was super cold just now and we were partially drenched even when we were walked under the shelter.

There will be a lot of changes to my life in the next 2-3 years. I will work hard and make sure those changes are positive, you know. Dreams are becoming reality and I am really excited about them. Some are not what I expected but this is life right? Please all good things please happen soon.

Still typing my post T___T That's how much time I can spend on 1 post. Appreciate blogs alright! They are never easy to maintain.