My Sunday to do list

Half of my Sunday is gone T_T

What I am going to do.
Shower > do hair mask + change into casuals > throw rubbish in room > pack the corner (jl please don't be distracted by things you're going to find) > sweep floor > mop floor > grow sunflowers > rest > suntan my fluffy penguin > shower > return lib books > get present > pay bills > learn to cook popiah > watch absolute darling hoho come lets see how many I can complete today.

Really feel like melting on the couch. Weather is darn hot outside but there is wind from the kitchen (weird)
I have been sleeping/acting like a potato yesterday, got to stop this bad habit yo.

Oh I'm drinking water already. Anti-aging wtf. I even ate pig skin and chicken feet for collagen. Why collagen so er xin one I don't understand.

If you read my tweet yesterday, yes I'm troubled because of the fine lines under my eyes and on my neck.

Gonna control them before they worsen, no?
I can't believe I am so unlucky. I don't smoke don't drink don't sleep really late. :(
Adding to the 19th wish: I wanna stay young.

I did experience good changes as well. My face got smaller, better, sometimes I woke up to glowy skin, little pores, longer lashes even for the bottom, I got more toned because I've been working hard (still flabby limbs la), got 2 shades lighter :D, smoother skin and even sharper nose. Idk why my nose seems smaller and sharper now. Maybe my whole face shrinked/because I stop sleeping face down wtf.

Many might not notice these changes because no one stares at me longer than myself. Hohoo time to start doing my list of stuff.

Wish me luck! And energy~