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Oh my weekends are ending. Not that it matters. Hahah sometimes I dread weekends more than weekdays (have tuition on weekends you see). But I love tuition in a sense. Hahah me and my contradictions.

Friday, 27July2012

Woodgrove for supper with da usuals. They were so late! :( Poor tiffy waited for so long. I was the second one to reach can you believe? Hehehe I'm not lategirl anymore.

Prata Bom and egg prata nom nom. Prata bom is super nice! My favourite type of fats prata :D I prefer those from Malaysia to Singapore. Yes they taste different. 

After prata and all, went back to CWP macs for 2nd round chilling session. Met sw and yq coincidentally! Talk about fate. 

Camps seem to be fun. Oh well I will experience it for myself on Wednesday. Happy-sad lol.

Group shot without tiffy cause she had to leave early! Pardon my shag face. 

Talked and chilled a little while more with Tim and the girls before heading home.

Saturday, 28 July2012

Wah the day before sucked so much. Cannot sleep. I even folded the laundry and stuff. Finally dozed off at about 5am. I hate insomnia. Prayers answered - tuition cancelled. Slept a bit more. Thankful for that.

Met sw for chit-chat/exercising session. Dined at Pastamania afterwards. Oh saw xiao bin (not small at all lol) and he didn't even notice me T   ^   T Whuttttt guess I really got shorter, out of their comfortable eye level wtf. 

Coincidentally met Tim again wtf. So after he parted with his army mate we went to chill @ Mac again. Hehee can't get enough of Mac/talking. I am really quite talkative? 

Entertaining day. I would love everyday like this. Eat and talk and eat and talk hoho. Parted after midnight. Yawns. Luckily I managed to sleep soon after. (Like 2am wth)

Sunday, 29July2012

Tuition in the morning. Headed home after that and napped my afternoon away. Dad switched on the radio and I love the songs on YES93.3. Planned to meet the girls for dinner but something screwed it up. Oh wellz forget it. There goes my chance to try Astons. Yea yea I never dine there before, weird? :D

Spent the rest of the evening researching on hotels and flights. Not going to BKK with my parents. Schooling week. Might as well, let me save for my TW trip! Really quite excited wtf all the food and fun places!

At the end of the day, I would love to ask you, "Are you happy?"

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