Kuala Lumpur Day 2

Here's day 2! I have quite a bit of free time these days. School is starting very soon. I am all hyped up but at the same time depressed. There goes my holidays~

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11July2012; slight drizzle

Woke up slightly later than expected - 9 over in the morning. I seriously have issues with alarms. I cannot hear a thing can you believe it? 

Washed up and headed out for breakfast. We have no idea what to eat so we just walked around randomly. Managed to walked all the way to lot 10 - actually it is not that far from our hotel. 

Basement area for food court breakfast. So weird I know. I wanted traditional breakfast but I couldn't find any coffeehouse. :( I guess it is impossible to find eg. hawker centers in Orchard Road. 

Porridge with you tiao (RM $5ish)

I was still feeling sick so I had something light. I'm not interested in the porridge but the you tiao! 

Mr Siew Bao
The salted egg yolk thing is nice. Egg tarts too. 

After a quick bite we left the mall. It was raining! Gut feelings worked for me, oh and lucky angels too. 
We wanted to book tickets for Sunway Lagoon on that day! Thank god it was sold out. I know it might not be raining there but you never know~
I did not bring brolly out on the first day but somehow threw it into my bag because of that strong... feel. LOL. 

Anyhow, we wanted to visit Midvalley but the rain was making meus lazy. We ended up exploring Times Square instead. Shopping was normal..? Shopping in Singapore is so much better I reckon. 

Gave the indoor theme park a miss because it is so small and we might as well wait for tomorrow (sunway).

We did not dine at any particular restaurant for lunch that day. Try-all-the-food idea was good but we did not have much time for it. Next time!

Hot & Roll
This is near the entrance of the indoor theme park

Little fillings, nothing impressive.

What's going to Malaysia without visiting Marybrown?


Oily ttm fried chicken

The chicken were really oily T____T Not my cup of tea. Not in mood for fried chicken then but I thought we should try it. We do not have Marybrown in Singapore you see. 

And what's going to Marybrown without sitting on their swing chairs?

Wanted to snap a group photo but the people there were ignoring us wtf

Then we had herbal jelly, the diluted version, and the people there refused to give us one more spoon.  -___-

After that we split into two groups - one to FOS one to SG wang to grab the last bit of loots. 

Back to hotel to drop all the bags etc and walked to Petaling, Chinatown.

Chinatown is buzzing with people, especially foreigners. We toured that place and even visited a pet shop! Really cute dogs omg I want~ 

After that, we ate at one of the random roadside stalls. The fried rice is really good! *nomnom*
Went round the corner and had loklok for the first time! As in sitting there eating like any other people. Saw a group of Koreans omg the girls are so pretty T   ^   T

Loklok aka transfer meal

We were having a whale of time talking about transfer meals. We saw how the staff transfer the soup base from one table (the customers left) to another new table. LOL. And they fill the empty old base with... tap water in a bucket by the road.......... Totally speechless but I guess this is how it works. 

Don't think too much and eat all the food!

We are still alive so don't worry. 


This is really nice! I guess dirty stuff always taste good wtf.

It was pretty late (around 9ish) so we were on the way back. Then we saw it.

We don't know what it is but it is so bright, so tall! Suddenly all hyped up! It doesn't look that far and you know what? we wanted to visit that. We have no idea what tower it is, no idea how far and whether it is possible to walk there. We walked through car parks (WTF RIGHT I KNOW 4 GIRLS WALKING ALONE IN CAR PARKS?), round dark corners, little roads etc in search for this tower. Halfway through we did refer to a map which sort of identified the tower for us.

Not long after our journey in search of the lighted tower, we changed our target to: 

KL twin towers
At least twin tower is more recognisable than KL tower 

I don't know how long we have walked but we kept moving forward looking at our 'dream'. 

I've thoughts like:





Brushed all those thoughts away and...

Helloooooooo KL TWIN TOWERS!

I was so happy! At that instant it was like a dream came true yo. 

Spammed a whole lot of photos there! Must celebrate! I look fugly but this is something I don't want to forget! So pardon me!

Btw, I look 35890486056-059-49-390-4934-03943-090 times worse with specs. And fats. I know. 

We sat there for really long. It was windy, people were all around chilling and laughing. I feel like a KL teenager. I mean that will be a place I'd chill at if I'm a KL teenager lol. 

Cabbed back. Sw was really paranoid but luckily we met a pretty good driver. Charged more (blue cab) but at least we are safe, no? 

I feel bad for all the white lies but ren sheng di bu shou I cannot tell you my whole family stuff right?
I kept talking to the driver. in case anything happens idk at least if he has any ill intentions it is easier to detect?

Told the driver my dad was waiting for us (white lie lol) at bb plaza or what. Went to 7-11 to grab food. 
Gut feeling: you will meet the driver later you better be careful. (swear this is how I felt then)

Happily walking and wtf we really met the driver! Sw was really fast! She dragged me behind the pillar and we kept walking. He saw ape and xm btw. Luckily he did not question much phew.

That marks the end of our spontaneous second day.

Went back to shower and pack! 

xm and her eunuch. She can't get enough of it

Loots for the trip~

dky my photos are so blur :(

Joke of the day

*Walked pass Audi*
Me: Aiya don't walk around come get into my car
Ape: okok
Me: Oh ya, you changed a new car last week right? How much?
Ape: Err, I don't know leh, I just pay
Me: Ohh rich people ^^
Me: Don't know how much Sw bought her bicycle for
Ape: Oh it's free gift 

Some just get arrowed even without being in the conversation. 

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