Kuala Lumpur day 3

Wheeee! Day 3 in KL is probably one of the best days we had there. (Second is the night in Day 2).

If you are interested to read about it/day 1, click:

12July2012; Happy bright cheery day

Day 3 was a play-all-we-want day. The weather was gorgeous. Sun was smiling, birds were chirping.

Checked out of the hotel early in the morning. Left our luggage with the counter staff before heading out for food.

On the way to Petaling (Chinatown), we settled down at one of the random little stalls. We were directed to the inner part of the restaurant, well I guess that's what you can call it, air-conditioned with English menus. Man we really look like tourists. Wasn't ridiculously charged though, thank god.

Al Wira (Indian Restaurant)

Roti Prata! I don't know where is this place but near the old bus terminal (Opposite road). Prices are reasonable. About RM23 or so in total

While waiting for the food in our special seats:

Lomo effect, the manual photoshop way though

Yam yam and the friendship band I got as well!

Sweetest tea ever. Can't even finish half of it

I was totally shag but G12 always makes me look pretty decent, I think.

Table full of pratas!

I had the usual prata bom and egg prata nom nom. The girls tried a couple of different flavours like horlicks and milo... I still love my bom and egg more ^^

The milo prata aka chaoda-looking prata
(Taste like bits of milo yea)

After breakfast we continued to walk to Chinatown. The bus stop is along the main road. There will be a bus stop looking thing there but without any information. Luckily someone helped us along the way. I forgot which bus we took but there will be a person shouting "Sunway" or what. You just board that bus. Fare is RM$3 per person.

Journey was about 45mins or so. I hate the bus ride most. There was a weird guy staring at us on the bus. So horrible but luckily he alighted before we did. We passed by Midvalley (I wanna go!). Good thing is there was no jam. To be honest I didn't know where to alight. You just alight when you see a theme park looking place (If not you can check with the bus conductor). Lady luck was definitely on our side yo.

Sunway Lagoon

Weather was gorgeous~

We went one big round to find the route to Sunway Lagoon. You can check with the counter/staff. Actually if you look at the picture above, the downwards escalator leading to Sunway is on the right.

A glimpse of the theme park!

Ticketing counter

Information board

As you can see, the tickets are pretty costly without Mykad (I believe this is like their ID card?) You can get your Malaysian friend to help you with it or you can book through Busticketonline. We got the tickets at $31.50, much cheaper than RM$100. Print the e-tickets after payment. Really lucky to chance upon this website :D

There will be a spot check before heading in, no food and drinks allowed. 

Wristbands aka 'tickets'

You have to pay a refundable deposit (RM$10) for each wristband.

Arm yourself with a map!

There are lockers available to drop your stuff inside the theme park. You can choose lockers beside the water theme park or on the top of the... hill (where a lot of dry games are located). Rental of each normal locker is RM$5.

We chose the ones beside the water theme park. (Turn left shortly after you enter the theme park) You can take your stuff out to shower after everything. 

Carry your water bottle/bottles, some cash and your camera if you want to risk its life. Yea I was so freaked out during each water game. I had my camera in my pathetic pocket you see. Most of the games are not too wet but some will get you drenched. So if you have electronics with you, take turns with your friends to play/don't play. 

So I risked my cammie's life in order to produce the shots below. Enjoy ^^

We started with the dry games first!

Going up!


Scream Park

We abandoned Ape outside (sorry!) and went for this. Very hard to persuade the girls. Interesting experience right! The one leading our line really looks like one character in L4D2. We were so jumpy we hopped from the start of the tour to the end #punny. The foreigner behind me was really nice - he kept assuring me everything is just fine. However, every time something/someone startled us he would laugh in the most irritating way wtf.

Some of the rides we took!

Pirate ship

360 degrees rotation pirate ship - have you been on one before? I did! We were hanging upside down for a few seconds! Coollllllzzzz. Sadly, I have no voice to scream :(

Love the accidental sunlight shot

I think this ride is pretty interesting! The first fall happened in the dark wtf. Try it yourself!

This is a get-wet game

Slightly red because of the Sun

Queuing for our first ride - Roller Coaster

With the mascots and all!

Sw and xm went for more water games while Ape and I toured the place!

Visited the petting farm/zoo

Wasted a lot of good shots (really nice colours but I've to sync them) because I want to be outstanding with my horses lol! 

Long suspension bridge 
(gave it a miss, no time)

A nice dating spot

Went to wash up at around 4pm. We have a plane to catch at 1040pm. Just in case.

Met a really nice cabbie back. He used meter and the whole journey cost less than RM$30! To be exact  it was only RM$27. As usual I chatted with him and he acted as a tour guide for me. White lies again, sigh for safety purposes. I'm sorry.

Went back to our hotel to collect our luggage and trained to LCCT using the ticket we have purchased on the first day. Monorail was a little packed due to peak hours but it was bearable. Oh KL Sentral is a nice place to explore. Good food and much cheaper shopping. Next time!

Had dinner at KFC, walked around a bit before heading to the departure hall.

Home sweet home!

Mommy and daddy came to pick me up, sent the girls back home, went to the food place near wen's place to dabao fried rice and prawn noodles and I finished both up. I miss sg food I miss home. 

We are really 4 lucky girls. Safe and happy there. Good weather and we met a lot of nice people. Had once-in-a-lifetime experiences and created fond memories. I really don't mind one more overseas trip this year... if possible.