Killing the ignorant

Ahhh I'm still super irritated after days. I tried to convince myself it doesn't matter but it does.

I will remember it all, anyone in my shoes would. Petty, not really.

Anyway, I have too much thoughts now. Need to spill before I can sleep. Plus I haven't been writing about my life this few days (in the midst of clearing backlogs etc)

I've achieved so much nowadays. I did housework, exercised, drank water, planned meet-ups and read about uni stuff. I thought I did fairly well. You know, I am nothing more than lazing around the whole day/days.

I borrowed gossip girls from the library. Have not read a page and now I feel like reading something more.. Intelligent. Okay wait that's not the right word. I feel like reading something more thought-provoking. Any suggestion?

I wanted to write about what I will be doing later (or now while you are reading this) but let's keep it a secret. It's not something super interesting. I just don't wish to say before I actually do it. If I say it before the actual thing, most of the time it wouldn't happen :(

Just wait for the post later okay!