It's such a shame, we are worlds apart

Monday down.

Not a bad day. Had things to spread throughout the day hoho.

Okay Idk how to summarise my day. Plain boring I know. Train ride was more than lonely and I felt really dead even before I can reach Woodlands. Dragged myself back home and recharged. Sheltered a lady over the road ^^ At least I did something good.

Lastly, I can't decide whether I should continue watching my animal planet (grizzly bears, killer whales) or sleep. Omg the bears are so cute I want one as my pet too! Can live happily with my cute penguin~ *in my dream*

Filters: Glass mossic

We are finally utilising the Starhub Cable TV. Free 3 months subscription and it seems pretty transparent, why not?

Guess I'd sleep if not I will probably sleep till noon tomorrow :x Still full from supper wtf. The curry/laska noodles is simply too tempting. I will shed the fats in no time.

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