Cousin's wedding dinner

Hellloooo to official holidays! ^^
I woke up pretty early today (once at 7am, once at 9am). Went back to sleep and only left my bed at 1pm. I miss waking up late!

Helped with the housework, had a quick lunch, downloading Secret Garden while watching The King 2Hearts. It is drizzling now - perfect weather to sleep in. Minus the drilling wtf.

Last Saturday was my couz' wedding. Dinner at some beijing lou. I don't know where anyway.

Another couz came to pick me up (dad, mom and sis went over the night before), went to get my specs done and dressed up.

There is really nothing much to write about the whole event so pictures for you guys!

One of my fav shots!

Some of my couz

My aunts!


Did not take all the food photos as I was running all over the place during the dinner.

In the bridal room:

Love the red romper :D

That's all folks! 
PS, I tonged my hair for the day but it was almost gone even before I leave Singapore. 
PS/S, major craving for fried stuff like fries from Macs :(