I am not just another girl in your world

Alright. This is it. A mild picture to kick-start this post before my face dominates this space.
Been taking a lot of (self-absorbed) pictures. Trying to maximise my phone's camera and filters. All the the pictures are without make-up except the last one. All without colored/enlarging lens. Photoshop is not necessary. I mean, look at the how pixelated it is! Besides, anything can be salvage with filters. Filters are mad awesome I swear by them.

Today was a really good day! I got so much things done!
Settled some bank stuff (I hate that shit), more to go but I'll leave that to tomorrow. Finally mailed out a pressie for my colleague wtf. The postage is damn expensive, even more expensive than overseas mail.

And I finally got out to breath and chill at Starbucks!

Chocolate chip cream in Venti ($7.80)

A whole cup of choco-love for myself hehee. No studying, just reading and slacking my afternoon away. I wanted to do it for the longest time ever. I told myself I will after A levels. Late but better than never. I would have stayed longer if it wasn't so noisy. Plus the chair, sofa to be exact, is so.... not comfy. :( Any nice coffee place with comfy chairs? I want another session like today before the hectic school-life engulfs me.

Library to return and borrow two more books. They look pretty interesting. I will share them if they are good!

Headed home, changed to sporty wear (LOL) and went out for a run. I really love to run and sweat it out. Running makes me feel... alive. Like when you're gasping for air and your muscles are aching. I feel so alive at the moment and I kind of enjoy it. Weird. 

I hated running, I hated it for my whole entire life. Why? Because I have no determination. I stop whenever I feel I'm a little out of my comfort zone. I don't even give in my 70%, what to say 100? I wasn't even feeling tired but I stopped, yes I convinced myself with 105840603 excuses. 

I feel weak because I am not able to push myself to take another step when I'm running. Running totally highlights how I am as a person - no determination nor own thoughts. 

However, I am beginning to see some changes. I started to force myself more and motivate myself to carry on. I can see myself improving as a person.I control my temper and bullshit (you will be amazed how many times I have to do that daily). I need a strong inner voice, stronger determination as well. 

Running is a test of my determination. I am so happy because I'm going a little further everyday. Today's record: 2.22km in 17 odd mins. Very slow but you know why I'm so damn proud of it? I did not stop for the whole 2.22km. This is probably the first time in my life to do it. Nearly 2.4km without stopping ^^ I walked probably 400-600m in school for every run. LOL I'm a lazy weakling with no determination, told ya. So to achieve something like that is like a big encouragement. Furthermore I feel stronger after each run. 

That aside, my target will be 2.4km without stopping. Timing wise does not matter to me now. Will report back once I hit it!

Ps, another reason for exercising frequently nowadays is abs. HAHAAHA this is funny I know but I want to have abs! Okay maybe not abs but a very toned body. This is one of my YOLO excuses (I don't have a lot of it anyway). I wanna tell my grandkid, "don't see ahma fat fat now last time I used to have abs one hor!" I want to say this, really hehehe.

Told ya I did dye my hair before 
(which sadly only shows up under bright light)

I've applied for Hall Camp. I want to go but I hate the Sun, the little sleeping hours and dirty toilets 
T_____T Eliminate all of my worries please! Hall camp seems fun. I look through the pictures and I think I will enjoy my life there. Will not be staying for long though unless extra cash pops out. 

Are you sick yet? I tried to spread my photos out. HAHAAA my nose looks huge in most pictures. Meh. 

Oh one more food picture for you!

Butter-garlic prawns

Cooked this for dinz. Dad packed some meat aka steamed chicken, roasted chicken and pork ribs soup back. The prawns are pretty decent. I know you will love it, that is if you ever get to taste my cooking hehee.

This is super disgraceful but here's my ootd! I don't always take outfit shoots because I'm at home most of the time. Would you like to see my IJ tee/Riverside shirt/marsiling pri green house ugly like shit top/my cartoon wears? I don't think so. 

Sporty wear - Sis's green OBS shirt 

Sis's shirt and bottom
Check out my center parting hairstyle, yay or nay?

Hahaha I love to steal my younger sis's clothes because they are so comfy to deck out in! Her shorts are really long though. I don't mind since all I did was lazed around starbucks lol.

Last pic with light makeup
So pixelated, sorry but this is my fav shot!

Have a great Thursday! Mine will be cause I'm meeting fishball mei mei!