2012 NDP Preview


I know I've other backlogs to clear. Started with this because it's the simplest of all! Not much to edit hehee. 

My last NDP was at the old Indoor Stadium when I was Primary 5. Wow. 

Got a free show courtesy of J. Thanks! This is my first time watching NDP at TheFloat. 

It was really hot initially. Luckily I brought brolly along if not I'd die.

Guess what?


The screen is in SG shape, cute!

The armyz

Looking at the army makes me feel damn proud for the boys. :3 (especially after social night with Kai). I'm not someone interested in army talks so I am also taken aback by the surge of feelings for the soldiers lol.

Guess 30 years down the road I'd be one of the mums on the seats telling people proudly, "That's my son". Hohooo.


Focused on the wrong subject lol.

Was playing around with G12 and I managed to produce something pretty decent in two different modes:
Blur top and bottom mode

Fireworks mode
I love to name this my accidental artistic shot

Sea of lights~

Loads of people

This year's song is pretty good but not as good as the oldies. Am I getting old? (you know, when you can't appreciate "new" music and all).

Ended the whole thing with fireworks! (as usual). I was actually expecting more from NDP. ohwellz. 

I was pretty impressed overall. I mean, look at the vast improvements over the years.
9August2012 - Happy Birthday Singapore! 

This is indeed a very small and stressful country to grow up in. However, I'm thankful for what she had offered to me over the years. I grew up, safe, healthy and educated with my loved ones.

I love my homeland. ^^